Sweeps Alert getting AI to do the work for you!

We know you want sweeps, freebies and free samples and you want to be able to rely on them. We put artificial intelligence to work to ensure that you always have access to the best of the best.


We know that our readers want to win prizes. They don’t want to get bogged down filling in forms for contests that nobody is going to win. Our AI evaluation tools ensure that every sweepstakes we feature will have a real winner.

The objective is simple to deliver you the best sweepstakes online every day and to give you the best opportunity to win prizes that make a difference to you and your family. Sit back and let the AI do the hard work, so you can do the fun stuff.


Our AI is about more than just sweepstakes. It can also hunt down the finest freebies online for you. The only thing it can’t do is keep the opportunities open for you. Check back every day to avoid missing out on freebies, they rarely last longer than that.

Free Samples

Yes, free samples are legit. The AI collects opportunities from companies seeking your opinion or your business and that are willing to give you a taste of their wares to get it. Free samples are great but as with freebies – you need to be quick off the mark to guarantee getting yours.

How Does Sweeps Alert Work?

Curious about the mechanics of how Sweeps Alert brings you these awesome freebies, free samples and sweepstakes? This is how we do it.

Our AI Crawls The Net

Our artificial intelligence tool crawls the internet constantly, searching out the best opportunities for our readers. When it finds something, it sends a notification to our audit team.

The Team Examine The Opportunity

The AI is super clever, but nothing beats the human touch. Our office team examines every opportunity that is identified to ensure that it’s good enough for you and that everything is as it should be.

Only The Best Makes It Through

There are more sweeps and free samples, and freebies found every day than we use. Our team whittles down the opportunities to provide you with a collated selection of the very best opportunities each day.

It’s Over To You

Then you take over. It’s down to you to enter the sweeps and claim your free stuff. There’s always something awesome for you to take part in on Sweeps Alert but only you can take advantage of it.

What Our Users Say About Sweeps Alert

“It’s easier to be a winner with Sweeps Alert. I love to enter sweeps, but I rarely have the time to go looking for them. Sweeps Alert’s daily newsletter keeps me in the game with a single click each day.”

Informed And Focused
Deb Coolidge

“Who doesn’t love freebies? And who isn’t frustrated that they so often don’t arrive? With Sweeps Alert that almost never happens! That makes collecting free stuff so much more rewarding!”

Got SwagKatrina Winkle

“No scams! I’ve been entering sweeps and sending off for freebies since the dawn of the internet and I’m happy to say that Sweeps Alert only delivers high quality opportunities to my door!”

Scam Free Judy Sasso

“Thanks for the daily newsletter Sweeps Alert! It takes me five minutes to enter the sweeps I need and to claim any freebies I want each day. I’m a busy person, anything that makes life easier is awesome!”

No RushTrey Peterson

“I can’t believe it! I entered my first ever sweeps through Sweeps Alert, just a month ago and I won! I got a $1,500 gift card for my favorite store! If you ever wondered if they really give out prizes, they do!”

Super SatisfiedTina Osborne

“So much fun! I love getting my newsletter every morning and then doing my sweeps and freebies over a cup of coffee before I head out to work. Thanks for making it easy Sweeps Alert!”

Keeping It SimplePeter Jamieson

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