Guitar Effects Pedalboard Giveaway

Win a pedalboard for your guitar! It’s worth $450!

The EARTHBOARD is an amazing Pedalboard platform that completely changes how effects pedals are managed on your rig. It is all about flexibility! The EBII can be powered with a rechargeable battery (supplied) or by using an optional 9 volt plug in AC adapter.
How does it work? Each effects pedal is placed on a tray called a Gravity Boot. The GravityBoot has magnetic feet with attach to rails that carry 9v DC power thru the Gravity Boot and,using a cable, power your pedal. The pedal is easy to remove and replace. If you need 12v or18v, you can purchase our optional ISO Boot, which changes the voltage to your pedal & isolates power without requiring a separate power supply! For wider pedals, we offer a Dummy Boot which can be used to provide additional stability. A Dummy Boot is a GravityBoot with no electrical circuit.

{US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends October 20, 2021}

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