Leo Pizza Stone Giveaway

Win a Leo Pizza Stone plus cutter and paddle! It’s worth $200!

Win this Leo Pizza Stone, Cutter, and Paddle Set and you’ll reap the perfectly crisp benefits of a high-quality ceramic pizza stone which evenly disperses heat and absorbs moisture from the dough while baking pizzas such as this fabulous Spanish pizza with chorizo and peppers. The slicer not only allows you to easily slice both thin and thick crust pizzas but also allows you to grate cheese with the integrated grater. The paddle is made from natural wood and can go directly from oven to table doubling as a cutting and serving board. The grid lines make portioning easy and ensures that all the delicious pieces are equally sized, though we’re pretty sure you won’t want to share a slice of this mushroom and goat cheese pizza.

{US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends September 22, 2021}

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