Mobile Headphone Amp Bundle Giveaway

Win one of 2 mobile Headphone amp bundles! You’ll love the boost!

The HELM Audio DB12 AAAMP Mobile Headphone Amplifier Powered by THX® AAA™ — The world’s smallest in-line amplifier for studio quality amplification anywhere you go. Provides a clean 12-decibel gain boost for power-hungry headphones like planar magnetic or high-impedance types, plus an independent 6-decibel bass boost. 


The HELM Audio BOLT DAC/AMP Mobile MQA-Certified Digital Analog Converter — A plug & play High Definition Digital Analog Converter with MQA rendering technology to bring studio quality audio to your phone. Stream MQA content from Tidal, Nugs and Xiami.

{US Only, 13+, Single Entry, Ends September 1, 2021}

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